19 January 2016

Dia & Co. Box #1

Have you seen all those fun, trendy clothing styling services available now where they send you clothes that you can try on in the comfort of your own home? Me, too. Unfortunately, very few carried the plus sizes I need. BUT! A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Dia & Co. and things changed!

Dia & Co. is like most clothing services: you sign up, fill out a survey, pay a $20 styling fee (which is used toward any purchase from that month's box) and sit back and wait for five new items to arrive on your doorstep. Once the box arrives, you try everything on, keeping what you like and sending back what you don't (free shipping both ways, items are returned via an enclosed shipping envelope). At this point, you also rate all the items you received so that your stylist (mine is Stephanie!) can fine-tune future boxes.

I signed up and filled out my first survey a few weeks ago and received my first box over the weekend. I was crazy surprised and pleased at my options! Everything fit (except for one top, but that might've been more cut than size), which is amazing. I can't find five things that fit me in a normal shopping trip (I'm literally three different sizes at Old Navy, for example), but somehow they did it without ever meeting me. I also liked everything they sent me, which, again, crazy!

Of the five items I received, I'm keeping one this time. One shirt was a little too see-through for me and I don't like layering. The one top I mentioned wasn't cut right for me. And the third top wasn't right for me right now. I wanted to love it, a super-comfy over-sized sweater great for leggings, but I felt frumpy in it. It's very likely that the problem was more me than the sweater.

The fourth item was an amazing navy dress that I absolutely loved. Ironically, when I was researching clothing services, I had seen this dress on Instagram and, based on everyone's feedback, got it for myself. So while I didn't keep it, Dia and Co. is still responsible for me owning this amazing dress, which I will post of picture of next time I wear it.

The fifth item, the one I kept, is a great red and black top, which is perfect for work. I hate sharing photos of myself, but I figured you'd want to see the top, so:

This top fits well, is a great length and is perfect for work. Score!

Although I only kept one thing out of five, I'm extremely happy with my first box. I'm excited to see what comes next month (I requested another box, they don't just send them to you) and, if all keeps going well, I'm looking forward to placing a special request come fall (I've always wanted a green peacoat).

Let me know if you have any questions! For the first time in, um, forever I'm excited about clothes! (And, if you decide to try a box, please consider using my code: https://www.dia.co/r/19oq. Thank you!)

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B. said...

How is that shirt working out for you ;-)