17 March 2015

T-Minus 11: Procrastination

11 days until I'm done with grad school. That means procrastination is setting in. Big time.

Today's list features 11 things I'm doing so that I don't have to 'do' my thesis. In no particular order, I've been:
  • Writing this blog post.
  • Organizing all my Pinterest boards.
  • Balancing the checkbook.
  • Reading.
  • Checking Instagram. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Pinterest.
  • Researching camping spots.
  • Staring out my window.
  • Making lists ... of all sorts of things. What to cook this weekend. What to restock in the camper. What to do before vacation. What to do on vacation. What to do around the house this spring.
  • Making a list of my lists.
  • Staring out my window. (What? It's very interesting out there.)
  • Cleaning my office. Which mostly consists of straightening things.
 11 days to go ...

1 comment:

B. said...

two posts in one week, and balancing the checkbook, you are in full on procrastinate mode