24 October 2014

The Time has Come ... for Me to Watch Goonies

It's a widely known fact that I didn't watch a lot of "normal" movies growing up. No ET. No Harry and the Hendersons (that I remember). No The Christmas Story. With one TV in the house, we were often stuck watching what my dad was watching, which more often than not were war movies. And some action-adventure thrown in for good measure. Hamburger Hill. Platoon. Deliverance. Not exactly PG.

I didn't realize how odd this was until I got older and failed to recognize some pretty basic pop culture references. I don't have a favorite John Hughes movie, for example. And I don't know anything about ET, except that he likes Reese's Pieces.

Besides ET, I get picked on the most for not having seen Goonies and Stand By Me. Honestly, in my head, they are the same movie. They're both scary (right?). They both have a chubby kid, who I think is played by Jason Bateman. (Wait! Jerry O'Connell? One of them, I'm sure.)

I'm almost positive that most of Goonies takes place underground. (This I know from the Atari game we bought at a garage sale in 1987-ish.) And I think there's a train in Stand By Me. Maybe a big house on a hill in one or both of them? Someone does the truffle shuffle. I think it had something to do with mushrooms.

Oh, and the Coreys had to have been in them! (They were everywhere back then, including taped to my bedroom wall.)

I know I've gotten a lot, if not all, of the facts wrong, but tonight, I'll be halfway to normal. Tonight I'm going to watch Goonies. I know you'll all want to know what I thought. I might live Tweet my reactions. Yes, it's that big of deal.

What movies did you miss the first time around? What 80s movies do I need to watch? Is Goonies really going to be as good as everyone says? I guess I'll know tonight.


Gerry said...

Loved Goonies! I used to go around saying "Hey, You guys!" all the time(the way he said it. I recently looked to see if it was on Netflix but it's not.

B. said...

We are going to have to pick a new 80's movie every week to catch you up. Billy will probably be the opposite of you, he will be the only kid to have seen them all.