10 October 2014

I'm a Crafting and Creating Fool!

Just like with everything else - reading, crafting, work - sometimes I get behind on this blog. Usually that's a good thing because it means I'm reading, crafting, or, well, working. On the flip side, it means I'm not writing, which is truly one of my first loves. Today, though, I found some time to blog - and the best part is that I'm going to write about the crafts and creations I've been working on!

First up, an invitation for my friend Lynn's daughter's birthday party. Lynn "commissions" me to make invitations for her son and her daughter's birthdays every year, a job I love. Lynn is the world's best and worst client in that she is usually "happy with whatever" I want to do. That gives me creative freedom, but it also means I'm starting with a blank slate. Blank slates can be intimidating.

After multiple, multiple options, Lynn and Emily settled on this cute card, perfect for an 11-year-old:

Next up, my very first T-shirt design! It was really exciting to see a design of mine on fabric, instead of paper:

My favorite thing about this project is that amazing Nature font. Up close, it looks like grass on the bottom and a starry sky on top. Beautiful.

I've also been continuing my re-found love of cross-stitching, completing 3 projects last month!

The first gave me a little trouble, but was well worth it in the end. My coworker asked me to make her something with the phrase "But first, coffee." on it. The medium was up to me. I immediately knew I wanted to cross-stitch or embroider something, but I also wanted to keep her aesthetic, which is a little different than mine, in mind.

I got inspired by this adorable burlap fabric and got started:

It wasn't long before I hit my first snag: this fabric unraveled faster than I could figure out how to stop it! The orange border helped, but I still wasn't confident that it was going to hold together. The next snag came when my free-handed letters didn't line up. Luckily, a quick free-handed coffee mug fixed that right up! The last snag came when I couldn't figure out how to finish it. I tried a bunch of options, but none seemed right, until I remembered that I had some coffee bean fabric leftover from a previous project! I tore that into strips, wrapped a paper mache frame and viola:

The last project I can share today was for Wendy, a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan, made following a free pattern from Capes & Crafts:

According to Wendy, I did OK! :-)

I have one more project to share, but the recipient doesn't get it until tomorrow, so I'll update then!

Happy crafting!

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