20 August 2014

Teacher Gift Jars

How do you even begin to say thank you to the people who have guided, taught and loved your child since he was a baby? A cute pack of Sharpies at the end of the year hardly seems like enough. Maybe a million packs of Sharpies? AND a bottle of hand lotion?

Today is my son's last day at preschool. His last day with friends he's had since he was 12-weeks-old. His last day with teachers he's has since he was 20-months-old. Sad business. There are no words, no gift I could make or buy that could express my gratitude for these women. They've taught my son his colors and letters and shapes; they've taught him how to share, take turns and count. They've taught him how to "use his words" and stand up for himself when he wasn't being heard. They've had a significant role in making him the amazing, smart, thoughtful, funny boy he is today. It truly does take a village.

While gifts and sentimental blog posts don't come close to conveying the appreciation I have for his teachers, it's something. I hope they know how much they mean to me, my husband and, of course, our son. (End sentimental portion of this post, moving onto the craft portion of this post.)

The jars. I've been on a cross-stitching kick lately, so I grabbed my trusty needle and thread and got to work making these adorable little apples modeled after something I saw on Pinterest. Add a trendy chalkboard sticker to the front of a square little Mason jar filled with treats and gift cards and you're in business! But the best part? The very best part? My son wrote every teacher's name on the stickers. Yeah, they taught him how to do that. :-)

The second-best thing about these gifts is that I had most of the supplies on hand. And they're somewhat unique. And they're handmade. (I have the hot glue-burned fingertips as proof!)

At the end of the day (I can't believe I just typed that; I hate that phrase), the most important thing about gifts, whether they are for friends or family or amazing teachers, is that you put thought into them. They don't have to be trendy (although aren't those chalkboard stickers a.dorable?!). They don't have to be expensive. They don't even have to be handmade. They just have to be heartfelt. And these definitely are.