30 April 2014

My Crafting Partner

For some odd reason (seriously, it's odd), BB doesn't like to color. I thought all kids liked to color? To be honest, it makes me a little sad because I was looking forward to having an excuse to color. Looks like I'll have to give all my new coloring books away. (Or not. :-) )

Besides wanting an excuse to color, I also looked forward to BB coloring to see and encourage his creativity and because it's kind of a lazy parent/child activity and sometimes I really need a lazy parent/child activity.

Fortunately, he does like to be creative and I love encouraging that! 

He really enjoys participating in art classes at Hero's, although I think it's the bouncing that he likes the most.

He also enjoyed doing some spring projects I stole from Pinterest recently:

The first was our Easter cards, made by sticking paper strips to these rabbit-shaped cards I picked up at Michaels. They come already sticky, so we didn't have to mess with glue or double-sided tape. Very fun.

The second was salt dough ornaments. I don't know why, but he really loved this project, from the mixing of the dough to rolling it out to cutting it out to painting. It was a lot of fun to see him so excited about something I was so excited about!

I can't wait for our next project!

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Iris Took said...

I loved salt dough ornaments as a kid. Great idea!