17 February 2014

Wooden Disc Project

Last year, Wendy and I started a crafty gift-giving project. The rules were loose - I made her something and she made me something. One thing a month. Whatever we wanted.

This year, to mix things up, we added a little structure to it. (We also reduced the frequency to every other month. Whew!) The structure is that we have to use the same main supply in our gift-giving. Or maybe same genre, like sewing or papercrafts. Maybe we haven't worked out all the rules.

Anyway, I picked first - wooden discs.

Wendy is way into quilting right now, so I found a block I thought she'd like and charted it. I thought it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself:

Wanna see what Wendy made me? Brace yourself for awesomeness:

That's my boyfriend - David Boreanaz - CROSS-STITCHED! I can't get over it. Seriously. David Boreanaz in thread. A-Mazing. 

This totally ties for the best gift I've ever received. (I'll blog about the other one shortly!)

1 comment:

Gerry said...

You girls are so good and talented. One of the ladies in our group gave all of us disk necklaces for Christmas(we had to stitch them ourselves but she supplied the threads in our favorite colors) The disks were black and scallopped around the edges.