02 January 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful ...

... how I wish I was cross-stitching ...

Wow. That was bad on so many levels. 1. I can't sing, even in type. 2. It has little to do with this post. 3. I overused ellipses.

I think I forgot how to blog.

Deep breath.

Here goes.

In November, I went to an amazingly awesome sew-in, at the urging of my dear, dear friend Wendy. It was a blast. I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again this year. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was a craft swap, organized by one of the friendliest girls I've ever met. The gist is that I had to make something for my girl and another girl made something for me. On the second day of the sew-in, we had to find each other and hand off our gifts. It was a great excuse to be crafty and a great way to meet people.

My girl, Nancy, was awesome. She had a great energy about her! I was happy to have made her the following:

a twine-covered wine bottle, decorated with flowers crocheted by my friend Barbara, and two hand-embroidered dish towels. (She likes wine.)

The girl who had me, Corri, was so, so sweet. I was really nervous and didn't really know what to say to her when she gave me my gift, which I totally feel bad about. I could've asked her a million things, like where she was from or how long she's been sewing or what she liked to make or who her favorite fabric designer was, etc. Instead I said thank you several times and then kind of stood there. (I really hope I wasn't as big of a dolt as I think I was.)

She obviously read my blog, or spied on me, or is a really, really good guesser, or was just lucky, because my gifts were perfect! I would have been excited about any one of the many things she made me. That deer bag below, for example? How perfect is that?! I wish I had a close-up picture of it, and of the back, which is a great green fabric. The green bag with purple and pink is the perfect size for a a dozen different things. And under the snacks and charm pack and thread is a mug sleeve!

I'm still amazed that someone went to such effort for me.

So what's the tie-in with the subject of this post? That deer bag is holding my current cross-stitch project, which I really wish I was working on right now. (My mind works in odd, winding, ways.)


Becki said...

My list for 2014 includes picking up some counted cross-stitch again...

Julie said...

absolutely gorgeous bag!!!!!!!!!