31 January 2014

Projects, Projects and More Projects!

Sometime last fall, I got a little itch to do some embroidery. Not sure where it came from, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. A lot. Maybe because I don't need to spread out tons of supplies like with scrapbooking and cardmaking. It's just me, some fabric, a needle and some thread.

That little itch went from embroidery to cross-stitch and turned into a pretty serious hobby. I started working on a project for Wendy, which I think she is going to love! (I'll post pictures after I give it to her next month.) Then I started working on a project for a family member, which turned out to be a total success. (I'll post pictures of that after I finish a similar one for another family member.)

And then somewhere in this new-found love of cross-stitching, I found The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. It's bad, guys. As in, I'm-going-to-spend-every-extra-dollar-I-ever-have-at-this-store bad.

For Christmas, my awesome husband got me 3 patterns: the Once Upon a Time Sampler, which I'm working on now; the Woodland Sampler; and the Halloween Spooky Sampler.

My Once Upon a Time progress:

I've never done a year-long project before. And I've never done a mystery project before. I think I'm hooked. Tackling a project in chunks is perfect for me. I don't get bored; I can still do other projects; I don't feel guilty. The mystery part is harder to handle, but still cool. Having seen other Frosted Pumpkin designs, I know this one will be amazing. It's just really hard for someone as structured as I am to go with the flow and wait to see how the design unfolds. Luckily, the February block comes tomorrow! And I have the beautiful border to work on in between other projects.

What other projects? Brace yourself. The list is long:
  • Framing the project I made for Wendy.
  • Adding something to the project I made for the family member and reframing it.
  • Starting the project for the other family member.
  • Finishing up a fun little project for Wendy (more about that later).
  • Finishing up a fun little project for someone else who may or may not read this blog from time to time.
  • Starting a fun little project for someone else who may or may not read this blog from time to time.
  • Starting the Woodland Sampler.
  • Starting the Halloween Spooky Sampler.
  • Starting a family tree. This one is really special to me. Years and years ago, my mom cross-stitched a family tree for her parents. It still hangs in their living room. A few months ago, I found the pattern and decided it'd be cool to use the same pattern to make my own family tree!
  • Finishing and framing an embroidery project I started at the sew-in I went to in November. That one is super cool. I had people I met draw flowers on some linen, which I then stitched over. I think it's going to turn out really cool. Here's a teaser:

These are just my embroidery/cross-stitch projects! There's a lot more on my crafting agenda for 2014! I'm excited to share these projects, and the others, as I get them done!

What about you? What crafty things are you working on this year?


Julie said...

neat sampler! i am embroidering a snowflake/Frozen pillowcase for my daughter. love embroidery!!!!!

Julie said...

meant to say "for my granddaughter"! im falling asleep! its 2am!!!