10 January 2014

Dear People Who Hire Librarians

I would like to apply for a job as a librarian.

While I do not have a degree in Library Science, I believe I am more than qualified:
  • I love to read. 
  • I belong to a book club (solid evidence that I love to read). 
  • I collect and make bookmarks (wow, that sounds dorky). 
  • I do not discriminate; I love paper and electronic books equally. 
  • I’ve written 175 pages of my own book (which I hope to someday see on your shelves, whether you hire me or not). 
  • I have the beginnings of about 6 more books on paper and about 78 more books in my head. 
  • I speak fluent Pig Latin (actually, I’m not really sure how that helps me). 
  • I can recite the alphabet frontward and backward (well, the backward part isn’t completely true, but I’m a quick learner). 
  • I’m really good at research (having completed 8 of 11 grad schools classes, which, ironically, aren’t in Library Science). 
  • I wear glasses (well, usually I wear contacts, but for you, I’ll wear my glasses). 
  • I always like the book better than the movie. 
  • I’m organized (some might say to a fault). 
  • I passed this Should You Become a Librarian quiz with flying colors: careerplanning.about.com/library/quiz/career_quizzes/bllibrarian_quiz
As your librarian, I promise to:
  • Volunteer to bring the books in the drive-through collection boxes in when it’s raining. 
  • Never shelf a book incorrectly. 
  • Not take it personally when a patron doesn’t enjoy the book I suggested to them. 
  • Act appropriately when a patron damages a book (i.e. I will not file charges, damage something they hold dear, etc.). 
  • Come up with fun and exciting ways to share the joy of reading with children, teenagers and adults. (On a related note, I applied to be a World Book Night Book Giver this year!)
Thank you for your consideration! I look forward to discussing a start date, er, the position, which doesn’t really exist, except in my head…


Julie said...

Well, there is hope as a Library Assistant, which, by the way, has a lot of advancement possibilities! I am living proof! I'm a registered nurse, and was hired by our library system! I thought it was a miracle, but they saw my years of experience and took a chance on me! Good luck!!!

Julie said...

It sounds like you could be close to finishing a masters in library science though...so go for it!!!