11 December 2013

Sometimes I Have Follow-Through

About, oh, um, 11 months ago, I pledged (on Facebook, so does it really even count?) to make a handmade surprise in 2013* for anyone who requested one.

I'm happy to announce that I fulfilled my pledge!

Yesterday, I put 5 packages of handmade note cards in the mail for 5 special friends.

Yay, me!

This is one of my favorite projects ever. I had a vision in my head and I brought it to life! The 'flowers' on the card are felt circles, attached with brads. The stems are hand-stitched. Simple, but cute. Right? :-)

Adding texture and dimensions to cards is something I always struggle with, but I think it worked out this time!

Did you pledge to make anyone anything in 2013? Did, or will, you succeed?

* I'm pretty sure I took the same pledge in 2012 and didn't follow through, so while I'm cutting it close, I did better than last year!


Stacy Spinazze said...


Wrestling Kitties said...


You are awesome! How cool :)

I totally forgot all about this. I mean, it was really January when we did this?!?! Time is going too fast.

I will be excited if I get my Christmas cards out this year. I would like a 6 month extension on mine to give to people ;-)

But these look SO cute! Can't wait! THANK YOU!!!

Iris Took said...