16 December 2013

Setting Priorities

The original title of this post was going to be 'Going through the Motions' because, sadly, that's all I've been doing this holiday season.

Buying gifts. Wrapping gifts. Making lists. Crossing things off my lists. Putting more things on my lists. The list, ha, goes on.

Honestly, I was bummed out. I haven't been feeling 100% since before Thanksgiving, so I wasn't moving at my normal speed. Then I officially got sick and didn't do a single thing for 4 days, so my lists got even longer. 

Every time BB put a cotton ball on Santa's beard, I got a little more frantic (while he got a little more excited). Things I thought we HAD to do weren't getting done. I was behind where I normally am (which is done) and behind where normal people are and couldn't see a way out.

Then, it snowed 7 inches. You would think that would've put me over the edge. Instead, it was just the thing I needed to realize that 'going through the motions' isn't what Christmas is all about. (I knew that, obviously, but I didn't know that.)

So yesterday, instead of looking at my list and making a plan and getting to work, I dug out our snow gear, threw everyone in the car and drove an hour home ... to go sledding.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about what all I could accomplish in the 2-hour round trip, but after hearing BB laugh as he went sledding for the first time ever, I put those dishes and dirty toilets and unmade fudge and unhung lights out of my mind and jumped on a sled.

This whole time I've been wanting to make a perfect Christmas for BB. A beautiful (clean, organized, festive) house. Delicious treats. Christmas music playing softly in the background. But all he wanted was snow, something I can't create even on my best day. What I could do, is bundle him up and play it in with him. So I did.

The bathrooms still aren't cleaned and the outside lights still aren't hung and I still have a shopping list to tackle, but BB's happy and THAT's what really matters.

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Iris Took said...

That is what really matters. I read this great article today about how to get out of the "supermom" mode. How you don't have to be a domestic goddess, throw the perfect parties, have the most perfectly decorated cookies, it's just not about that.

However, tis the season for wives and mothers to stress a bit.