19 November 2013

Soap Box: Mammograms

I rarely talk about personal issues on my blog - and I never want to use it as a platform for starting a debate - but I feel like I should bend the rules a little. (On the personal issue, not on my feelings about debate. Everyone has their own opinions and reasons for those opinions. I'm just sharing my story. Nothing more.)

Last year, when I turned 35, my Ob/Gyn recommended that I get a mammogram due to some family history of breast cancer. I wasn't thrilled at his suggestion, but considered it. Until my dad got sick. Then I took a backseat for the next year.

By the time this year's Ob/Gyn visit came up, I still hadn't gotten the mammogram. He again suggested it and we talked about my hesitation. I did more research and then scheduled one.

The point of this post isn't to promote baseline mammograms, having one is a personal choice. I just want to share that my* experience, despite what I heard from multiple people and anticipated, wasn't bad.

I was prepared for it to hurt. I was prepared for it to be insanely awkward. I was prepared for it to take forever. But, for me, it wasn't any of those things.

It wasn't comfortable, but it didn't hurt. It wasn't pleasant, but the technician was professional and made it as bearable as possible. It barely took 20 minutes.

Whether you have a mammogram at 35 or 40 or 50 is up to you. I just wanted to share that putting it off because I was scared of the situation and pain and time was just plain silly.

* Not everyone will have the kind of experience I had. My next one might even stink. I'd just always heard people say mammograms sucked, so I wanted to share a decent experience.

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Julie said...

Thanks for putting this out there! I am 56 and have had them nearly yearly since age 35 or so. I can't say I ever had one that was not worth doing! This is the kind of thing you want to catch early, for sure! If caught early, bottom line is you will more than likely live!
Best wishes!