03 September 2013

Zebras are In!

Isn't it funny how different things are 'in'? Owls. Mustaches. Cake pops. Even color schemes, like yellow and gray. I'm pretty sure zebras are in right now, although I guess it could just be a coincidence that the girls in my life can't get enough zebra stripes in their lives.

Anyway, that was an odd way to get to the meat of this post and that is that I recently got to make birthday party invites for one of my friend's daughters. (You might remember that I got to make her son's birthday party invites back in June.)

Emily wanted zebra stripes, so zebra stripes she got!

I love making cards. I love making things for my friends. I love being creative. I could be creative for you! Shoot me an e-mail if you're ever in need of cards (for any occasion, they come with and without zebra stripes).

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