03 September 2013

Hand Embroidery, Project 1

Awhile back I got this crazy urge to embroider something. I'm not sure where it came from, but the calling was loud! Since last weekend was a 4-day weekend (Woot! Woot!), I decided to give it a try.

The result? I'm hooked!

I've been obsessed with watching tutorials on YouTube recently, so I searched hand embroidery and watched a few how-tos. (I could write a whole book on how-to videos. Some of the people are sweet. Some are arrogant. Some are crazy talented. Some don't have the first clue. It's hit and miss to say the least.)

I quickly (thankfully) stumbled upon Mary Corbet from Needle 'n Thread. Her videos were perfect. I highly recommend them in you're interested in learning hand embroidery. She makes the process crystal clear, without coming across as arrogant or condescending. And the videos are short! No unnecessary fluff here!

Since I've been cross-stitching for years (and years and years), I had some of the basic embroidery lingo and moves down. I decided for my first time out of the shoot to skip a couple of the easier stitches and try the stem stitch. Love it. Not too challenging, but really pretty. Using only that stitch, I was able to whip up my last name (above) in about 30 minutes.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my first project. I left a lot of fabric around it so I have some options. I considered an "Est. 2004" under my name. Or maybe I'll add some cute whirly dos. For now, it's in a frame, where it won't get dirty or wrinkled (I hate ironing).

Do you embroider? Hand or machine? What's your favorite stitch? Any ideas on what I should do with my first project? Frame it right and call it a day or add on to it?


Julie said...

Hi. I found you by search Google blogs for "hand embroidery projects"!
There are so many ideas for embellishments! I think I would add "raving creative" in there with some really detailed other little pretties! Just draw on what you like with pencil and go for it. How fun. Love the stitch you chose for your name!

Kylie Jones said...

This is really pretty. Perhaps you could add it to a cushion? Xx


Raman Sharma said...


Gerry said...

I have been getting Mary Corbet's newsletter for awhile now. She is awesome and it amazes me that she does the tutorials and has patterns on her site for free.
Next time you come you will have to look through my embroidery pattern books.( We have to do a craft weekend)