26 June 2013

What Was That?

BB is quite the talker. From 7 in the morning to 9:30 at night, he's talky talky talky. All.day.long. It's actually pretty awesome (except when I think about what he might be saying to his friends and teachers at school!).

There are a handful of things that BB says wrong. We correct him, but move on; we figure that by the time it matters, he won't call an elephant an ephelant anymore. (Let's not debate the best way to address this, OK? Let's just talk about how cute BB is.)

Sometimes, BB gets so excited that he can't get his words out and stumbles over them, often mixing up order. It's one of his cute little quirks. It's what happens when a 4-year-old talks non-stop 90 mph. (Seriously. We should get a speed gun and clock him.

I started making a list of BB's "wrong" words because I know that soon he'll start getting them right. In no particular order of cuteness:
  • Nightshelf (nightstand)
  • Lellow (yellow)
  • Aminal (animal)
  • Ephelant (elephant)
  • Airmill (windmill)
  • Eleventeen (eleven)
  • Phlone (phone)
  • Jumping board (diving board)
  • Teeter totters (tator tots)
  • Conzert (dessert)
  • Destruction (construction)
  • Pinnata (pinata)
  • Kitty tales (cat tales, the plant)
  • Member (remember)
  • Yesternight (last night)
  • Monsterella (mozzerella)
  • Mudder (mother)
  • D-va-D player (DVD player)
  • Seastar (starfish)
  • Stop sign crackers (oyster crackers)
  • Home Devo (Home Depot)
  • Flamingo (mango)
Yesternight makes me laugh because I totally used to say yesterday night (like until I was in high school) instead of last night.

What cute words do your kids say? What about you? Any words you mispronounce (on accident or on purpose)?


Wendy said...

These make me laugh! Aminal - that's a classic! I'm glad you're keeping track of these. That's something I always told myself I wanted to do but never did. I always wanted to videotape the girls talking too but didn't. Boohoo!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Cute :-)

Agree, I wanted to record and track how henry says stuff, but as soon as I turn on the video camera he stops...of course he does!

I think because Henry is just learning to talk and say words everything is cute because it is just off a little or said in the sweetest of voices. Well most of the time until he YELLS as loud as he can STOP. That is only sort of cute :-)

The word I am LOVING right now is mommy. He has always called me Jenn (yep), mom or mama. But in the last week or two started saying mommy. MELTS. MY. HEART.