05 June 2013

Spring Makes Me Reminisce - Part III: Senior Pictures

I love pictures. Taking pictures. Sharing pictures. Displaying pictures. Looking at other people's pictures. But I hate being in pictures! Ug, ug, ug!

But, mostly because of graduations, I've been thinking about my senior pictures recently. Would I get the same pictures if I had it to do all over again? Let's find out.

My real senior pictures included these beauties: me in my football jersey (I was a football manager and LOVED football), me playing piano (which I cared a decent amount about back then) and me smiling. That last one is not me. Too formal. Too staged. Too bleh.

If senior pictures are supposed to capture your interests and personality, the first two did that. The third, for reasons already mentioned, isn't me, but it's a pretty standard shot.

I still love football, but if I retook my senior pictures today, I wouldn't do anything football related. And I haven't played more than a song or two here and there on a piano in years, so that's out. And I'm still not all about the formal shot. Instead, I'd have to have a photo of me being crafty. And reading. And camping. The only one I would keep, is me outside, because I still love to be outside.

What about you? What did your senior pictures look like? Please share! If you had to take your senior pictures today, what would do differently?

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Wendy said...

teeheeheeeeeeeee! You look darling in all of these photos.

Mike has one of my senior pictures in his wallet, which is hilarious. He thinks I'm cute. I'm leaning against a tree. He calls it the tree pose.

I think all of my senior pictures were outside. If I had to take them again today I'd have them all done outside. Natural light and all of that. Did you know that my Aunt took my senior photos? We (me, my brother, mom, my Aunt and my cousin) went around to all sorts of locations for photo shoots. We went into Michigan and took some pictures in the dunes! Those picture didn't make the final cut though. I do believe I had jelly shoes on in those photos though.

The girls found my yearbook from SIXTH GRADE! I told them that was my bad phase - permed bangs, big ol' glasses. Uggg. That was an ugly period.