27 June 2013

June Cara Box Reveal

I've been on a kick lately of trying new things (this fabric swap and this Blueprint Social project, for example). It's probably to distract me from the poopy day-to-day stuff going on and this month it worked.

If you're never heard of Wifessionals' Cara Box, you are in for a treat. She (Kaitlyn) pairs you up with two people - one who is going to send you an awesome care box following a set theme (June was Take Me to the Fair) and one who you are going to send an awesome care box to.

My people for June were great!

Heather at Heelz Stay High is pretty cool! I wasn't sure at first what we would have in common - she's crazy into fashion (and good at it) and lives in Florida (I've never been there) - but I quickly found myself enjoying her blog, especially the positive vibes that she puts out. I totally need that right now and seeing that energy come so honestly from her was inspiring. That probably sounds cheesy, but it's true.

I really enjoyed putting Heather's Cara Box together, although it was a struggle. I wanted so badly for her to enjoy her goodies! It was a lot of pressure, but with the help of about 4 elves, I think I did OK.

Tanyia at Domestic Deficit Disorder is also great! I immediately knew we'd click. She loves books, music, crafts and being a mom - me too! She lives in Florida like Heather, but she's lived in Ohio and likes the country, which was crazy. It really is a small world. We really all do have something in common.

I love getting mail and was excited to see my Cara Box from Tanyia on the porch last week. My goodies:

Where to start?! Cotton candy AND a cotton candy candle. LOVE! Snow cone cups and syrup. LOVE! Assorted candy. LOVE! What a great, great assortment of fair-related goodies. BB loved his sucker (I let him have the red one) and some of the cotton candy and a couple Pixie Stix. It was nice to be able to share my Cara Box with him.

The best part, though, was this awesome bunting. Handmade! What's better than a handmade gift?! I should've taken a picture of it hanging. Oops.

I'm taking a month or so off from the Cara Box exchange, but I'm excited to do it again someday! You should do it, too! Sign up here.


Tanyia said...

I am glad you enjoyed your box,, Amber <3 I signed up for next month, I could not resist the nautical theme! lol My brain is on overload already lol

Wendy said...

That bunting! LOVE! I thought this theme was really fun!