26 June 2013

I'm Officially Married!

My marriage was actually official almost 9 years ago, but I now have the wedding sampler to prove it!

My mother-in-law has been working on this sampler off and on since 2005 (I think), but she's a busy woman! Always has several projects going at once. I was crazy excited when she gave us this over Memorial Day weekend (I wasn't expecting it, may have half forgotten about it).

I get sentimental over things like this. Handmade things that mark special occasions. A wedding sampler is totally something my mom would have made me if she was still here. You can't make your own sampler (or shouldn't have to anyway), so I feel pretty special that Billy's mom made one for us.

These photos don't do it justice. The detail is amazing. I might try again to get close-up pictures. As it was, I had to take two pictures to show the whole thing. (Imagine them as one rectangle. Thanks!)

What about you? Do you have a wedding sampler? Want one? The styles available now are amazing, way more modern than you might think.


Iris Took said...

That's beautiful. I have never heard of a wedding "sampler."

Wrestling Kitties said...


Love it. Congrats ;-)

I agree, never heard of this either, but it is awesome!

Julie said...

Oh, this is a gorgeous sampler! I simply adore samplers! I went through a whole cross stitch/colonial era sampler time! I LOVE YOURS!!! What a wonderful MIL!