03 June 2013

I Get Crafty ... With a Little Help From My Friends

For years (too many to count), I've considered myself crafty. I usually stick with paper crafts, but I venture out now and then into various other mediums. One area I've always enjoyed, but never considered myself good at, was graphic design. My whole professional life I've worked with graphic designers and I am not them. I can use InDesign and Illustrator and PhotoShop, but they are truly skilled.

But last summer, for a variety of reasons, I decided to officially give digital design a whirl. I still love making cards by hand, but digital has its benefits (speed, for one).

I started a goofy little venture called Green Apple Ink. (complete with business cards!) and started begging my friends to let me make them stuff. Anything. Handmade. Digital. It doesn't matter, as long as I have an excuse to be crafty. Several of my friends have really supported this endeavor and for them I am grateful! (Wendy, Missy, Dolly, Lynn ... .)

In fact, I just finished up one project for my friend Lynn and am finishing up ideas for another! Yay! Here's Lynn's finished product:

A few other recent projects that I'm particularly proud of:

 For my friend Sarah.

For Wendy.

For myself.

If you're ever in the market for cards (handmade or digital, any occasion), I'd love to whip something up for you! (Shameless self-promotion a given, it is my blog, after all!)

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