06 June 2013

Curtains Confuse Me

This post is gonna start with a strange little confession/observation. I don't "get" curtains. I mean, I understand what they're for and how to hang them and all that, but I don't know how to pick them. I've never - yes, never - had curtains anywhere I've lived. I've had blinds. Do you need both? I don't know!

I've decided that BB definitely needs curtains in his room, despite having blinds, because he gets a lot of light from outside, which prevents him from getting to sleep (especially this time of year) and staying asleep. But I don't know what kind to get. I want red. Plain, simple, kid-friendly red. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be an option.

While I try to figure out that curtain mystery, I decided to make some "curtains" for my craft room/office/guest room. They're less curtains than decorations, but I figure it's a step in the curtain direction.

I found this pin on Pinterest and knew that this was the best way to enter curtain land. Crafty. Cute. Low-effort. Low-cost. It doesn't get much better!

I grabbed my supplies and got to work:

 * Fabric (which matches my bedspread)
* A cutting mat
* A ruler
* A rotary cutter

Jill was smart and used jelly roll strips for her valance. I couldn't find a jelly roll with the colors I wanted, so I bought and cut the fabric into 2-inch strips. This was a crazy fast process, so I'm glad I didn't settle with pre-cut strips that weren't exactly what I was looking for.
This is my window pre-"curtain". Blah.
I didn't get a picture of the tying process, but basically, I tied the strips onto the curtain rod. :-)

 Close up.

Final product!

How do you feel about curtains and valances and all that jazz? Love 'em? Hate 'em? As confused by them as I am?


Tanyia said...

that is a cute step into curtain world :)

I also don't do curtains! lol I never stopped and thought about it really but I just have had blinds too, lol.

Heather Hightower said...

Now that I think about it I haven't had curtains in my last 3 places...or hardly any places in my adult life...lol My mom usually comes in and does basic decorating whenever I move...I have curtains now in my living room area...not hung though...more like pinned to the wall...lol.... and none in my bedroom. I'm thinking of putting some up once I decide if I'm moving or not...lol
Your curtains look nice...good luck on your curtain quest...lol

Heelz Stay High

Wendy said...

You know, I was just thinking the other day that I literally have NO CURTAINS in my house. Zip. Nada. Is that a bad thing? I have blinds, but not curtains. I kinda think curtains would soften up some of my windows, but, I don't want to drill holes into the walls for the curtain rods. Hmmm. Conundrum.

Trapir Marmoset said...

I love the curtains!
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Julie said...

I love valances! They are easy to take down and wash!!! Plus you can move them up or down and let light in as you wish, or keep neighbors form peeping in. Sure do love this technique you used...and how cool with all your own hand picked fabrics! Awesome!

Julie said...

This has to be the cutest curtain in the universe! Fantastic idea!!!