01 May 2013

Two Too Many Tornadoes

I've always (al.ways.) had weird dreams. Extremely life-life, detailed dreams that make me feel tired and wonky in the morning.

The latest round of craziness has included tornadoes. Extremely life-life, detailed tornadoes.

In the first, I was in the backseat of a car being driven by some random coworkers. I kept telling them that a tornado was coming and that we needed to stop and lie down in the ditch, but they wouldn't listen. The tornado got closer and closer and I got louder and louder, but they wouldn't let me out ... so I accepted my fate. Next thing I knew, I was IN the tornado. I FELT the spiral. (I'm serious.) I 'came to' next to a pond. I had been thrown from the car, which landed in the pond.

Scary, but I was OK.

The second was similar to the first - tornado was coming, no one would listen to me, I finally accepted I was going to get swirled up, I got swirled up, I got tossed out, I was OK.

I did not have to look up tornado dreams on the Internet to interpret these. Talk about the subconscious mimicking life. This is the perfect metaphor for the last two months (and probably for the next two months).

I wanted 2013 to be the first "normal" year I've had in awhile. I wanted to relax and enjoy each day with my family and dog and maybe a book by my side. Instead, life loaded up the pitching machine and started throwing me curve balls.

Here's the thing I'm slowly accepting, though. Like the tornado, it's all out of my control. I can't do anything about anything (in this case). So I have to accept the craziness and roll with it. In the end, it's gonna be A-OK.

(That said, let's stop with the tornado dreams, m-kay? I'd like a reprieve, if only for 8 hours, from the craziness!)

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Wendy said...

Having tornado dreams would freak me out for sure. I keep having dreams that I'm in high school again. Nightmare!