23 May 2013

Spring Makes Me Reminisce - Part II: Softball

I love sports. Mostly watching them, I've learned over the years. And that is just fine with me!

I "played" basketball in 5th and 6th grade. I was on the white team. I don't think I did one single thing right either year.

I tried out for volleyball in 7th grade - I loooove volleyball - but I got cut.

Then, my sophomore year, some supportive and awesome friends convinced me to play softball. In hindsight, starting a sport at age 15 is never a good idea.

I wasn't awful-awful, but I wasn't good. The main thing is that I had fun and got exercise and fresh air and got to spend time with my friends. I also never made our team lose. I never helped us win, but I never made us lose!

I played for two years and remember two things: dropping a fly ball (sooo embarrassing) and hitting a double (awesome!).

Several years ago, I dug my mitt out of storage and played church softball for a few years. It was awe.some! I didn't suck. I wasn't great, but I wasn't awful. I had some hits. I made some good catches in right field (you knooooow why they put me in right field, though). And I had one AMAZING play as catcher. (I may have tagged a guy's, um, "area" as he tried to hurdle me. Hee hee. I got him out, though!)

My only other athletic experience was a half-assed cheerleading tryout attempt. I went to pre-tryouts a few times, then heard that to even be considered I had to be able to do a toe touch. I can't touch my toes standing, much less jumping, so I hung up my pom-poms.

I wish I had played softball or T-ball younger. I wish I would've tried out for volleyball again. But, to be honest, I am not athletic. My brother got all those genes. And competitive sports is definitely one place where loving something is not the same as being able to do it well.


Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my gosh!! LOVE THIS!!

I had those exact bangs too :)

I played volleyball and basketball and threw shotput. I also did dance which I loved! I am not competitive with sports and not athletic anymore. I wish I was more athletic growing up.

Wendy said...

Ha! Another gem!

I did NO SPORTS AT ALL. I don't like to exert myself. Or sweat. I was in the band. Awww yeah.

Jenn threw shotput?! What?! That sounds hardcore!!

Wrestling Kitties said...

@Wendy - Yep....totally hardcore, that is me!! :-) I just enjoyed seeing how loud I could grunt with each throw!

Amber said...

Jenn! That's how I play tennis! Swing, grunt loudly. Swing, grunt loudly.