22 May 2013

Spring Makes Me Reminisce - Part I: Prom

Spring always makes me think about the "good old days". Then, in turn, I feel old. All those recent pictures on Facebook of friends' kids going to prom - wow. They look young and old at the same time! So grown up, yet so little. I'm sooo happy BB is a long way from prom!

At work yesterday, we talked about who our dream prom date would be - then and now. Now, without a doubt, is David Boreanaz. If you didn't know that, you don't know me at all.

Then was a little harder. The mid-90s were a looong time ago! But, then, in a flash, it came to me - Adam Sandler. No question. It would have been a blast!

Prom was not all that the movies made it out to be. I went with a boy whose friends were all going with my friends. It was convenient. He was nice and smart and cute* and out of my league (he was cool, I was not). It could've been worse. It could've been better. I'll call it a wash.

I didn't go my senior year and don't regret it at all. The boy I wanted to go with didn't know I existed and I didn't feel the need to go just to go. So I stayed home with my mom and watched movies. I don't remember, but we might've gotten Taco Bell (she loved their Mexican pizza).

What about you? Did you go to prom? Great memories? Bad memories? Do share. Pictures, too!

* I covered my date's face to protect his identity. No one wants their old high school pictures making the rounds on the Internet. Except me, I guess. Since I'm willingly posting this.


EE said...

I'll have to agree with you. Prom was definitely not what the movies made it out to be. I had a good time, don't get me wrong. My gown was gorgeous though! Mum and I went way over our agreed budget, but it was THE gown for me. I'd like to renew our vows someday (since some of the family wasn't able to be there when we got married), and wear my prom gown.

Wrestling Kitties said...

eh, prom was ok.

I went with a friend (who wanted to be more than a friend but I had no interest) 2 years in a row. So it was kind of boring. Junior I was on the prom decorating committee and I loved that!

I will have to get pictures. My hair was HUGE. And my dress one year was homemade. Yeah, I was so popular in HS (sarcasm noted) ;-)

Wendy said...

I went to prom with a horrible boy whom I called my boyfriend for two years. I shudder now thinking about it. Why didn't I listen to my mother?! She hated that lad and I hated her for it. But she was full of wisdom. Geez oh peats. I should have gone to prom with my boy that was a friend because we would have had fun together!

I remember hating Post Prom. I was weirded out by all of the parents there volunteering. Not that I didn't want parents there, like we were doing bad things or anything. I remember I just kept thinking, 'we should all be asleep. There are parents here, acting loopy because they're so tired. We should just all go home and go to bed.'

I do remember ... I think it was my junior prom ... I had colored my hair red and had curled it. It was really great prom hair.