14 May 2013

Have kids? You Need This!

When we first toured our current house, we couldn't find anything wrong with it. We fell in love the second our feet crossed the threshold. Throughout the basement and downstairs, we kept asking, 'What's wrong with this house?! There has to be something!'

As we went upstairs, I jokingly said, 'It probably doesn't have a bathtub!' - one of the few things on my Must Have List.

Guess what? It didn't have a bathtub. Just a boring ol' annoying stand-up shower. Grr.

We bought the house anyway. One con versus a million pros.

Giving our son, who was then  2 1/2, baths, though, was interesting. We've kept him clean, but 'bath' time really became a chore. Until we found ...

The Rinse Ace My Own Shower Children's Showerhead!*

This thing is frickin' amazing! Easy to install (Billy did it in just a few minutes). Easy to use. And fun!

BB LOVES taking showers like a big kid. He gets himself SUPER clean. AND, last night he even asked to take a shower. What what?

He especially loves washing his neck. I think it's safe to say that he, hands down, has the cleanest neck of any kid in the world. Yes, not the country. The world.

BB is 4 now, so age probably has a lot to do with how well this product is working for us. He was definitely ready to take showers on his own (we do a check and don't leave him alone) because that makes him a 'big kid'. And he likes new 'toys'. One unexpected benefit is that he's getting more and more comfortable with getting water in his face!

I whole-heartedly recommend this showerhead! If you try it, let me know what you think!

* I am not getting paid for this endorsement. All opinions and silliness are my own.

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my, when Henry gets older I am totally checking this out!!!