22 April 2013

Why I Hate Hipsters

I'm not sure why, or when, but sometime in the last year I've developed a hatred for hipsters.

I can't sum it up better than this Daily News article by James Panero, so I'm not even going to try:

Hipsters know things the rest of us don’t, and they want us to know that they know it, too. They are cooler than you or I. They were cool before it was cool. Or maybe they are ironically cool, cool after it was cool. One thing about hipsters is certain: As the latest youth tribe, they can be particularly annoying.

Read more here.

I voluntarily spent time with some of them Saturday and now feel well-versed enough in hipsterism to share some specific reasons they stink (although not like patchouli, that's hippies. Very different.).

  • They revived/created (I'm confused.) Maker's Mart. Awe.some. Toledo needed something like this.
  • They are stinkin' talented. With all their graphic design and photography and crafts and music. They have skillz. With a z.
  • They are creative. Which is different than being talented.
  • They are doing amazing things with downtown Toledo. Instead of just sitting on their butts talking about how bad Toledo is.
  • They made quilting, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching - all the things I love, but got teased for - 'cool'. (Although now that I've pointed this out, they'll probably stop.)
  • They are innovative.
  • Some of their music doesn't suck.

The bottom line is this, I'm jealous. They want me to think I'm not cool and they're doing a good job of it! Darn them!

On the flip side, I live(d) a lot of the things they find cool: mixed tapes, fixed-gear bikes, gardens, cross-stitching, PBR, typewriters, fonts and taking pictures. So THERE! Ha! Take THAT, hipsters!