26 April 2013

I Found My 'Shoes'

You know how some girls collect shoes? Others spend insane amounts of money on clothes? Others are addicted to make-up?

Not me. My thing is trees.

Last year we moved and/or planted about 12 trees. Already this year we've planted 19 trees, including a magnolia. I've always wanted a magnolia.

Of those 19 trees, 4 were black walnuts. (That tree makes me sentimental. (Yes, I'm a dork.))

The problem is that I can't stop. I recently got paid for a side job I did and want to spend every dime on trees! But where do I plant them? We can't plant along the east side of our driveway because of electrical lines. We can't plant to the west of our house because of the septic and leech field. We can't plant to the east of our house because we eventually want to build a barn there. We can't plant behind our house because, well, it's already a forest. What's a girl to do?!

I think I have to enter a 12-step program. ... After I buy another magnolia (because they are so pretty!) and a willow tree (because I have great childhood memories of them) and put in an orchard ...

Did I not mention that? I want a fruit orchard. I'm thinking apple trees, peach trees, plum trees, definitely cherry trees. What else? Maybe a pear tree or two (for pollinating, you know).

I think I'm going to have to start planting flowers. OO! Flowers around the trees! And a little flower garden in the northwest corner of our yard. And a revamped flower garden by the driveway. And some flowers in front of our porch. ...

(... to be continued)


Sassytimes said...

You can come to my house and plant those trees! We have 8 acres in desperate need! ;)

We try to plant new trees every year, but man, it's so expensive! Where do you buy your trees?

Love the idea of a fruit garden. My grandpa has fruit trees and I've always loved them. The fruit is amazing.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Haha! Well your "shoes" will last forever!! :) I love that you are planting trees. Terry wants our own large property (not the condo) so he can plant apple trees for his hard cedar!! We are planting our first garden this year! i am probably not a help as i say keep planting!! :)

Wendy said...

Love it! I can't wait to come up to your house and see what you've added.

I desperately want a row of lilac bushes in our yard!