09 April 2013

Fabric Swap Results

Several weeks ago, Wendy mentioned that she was going to do Leslie Keating's handprinted fabric swap again. I think Wendy encouraged me to do it, or maybe I had a moment of crazies and decided I was going to try it, but either way, I signed up.

I was assigned to Group 14, made up of 4 other ladies from around the world - literally. I now have virtual friends in Australia, North Wales, Canada and New Zealand!

I had an idea of what I wanted to create, but little knowledge about how to go about it, so I started my research. I tried stamping with a potato, but ended up cutting a stencil. I had to change my original design a bit, but ended up really liking the end result. The little mishaps here and there drove me nuts at first, but then I started to appreciate that they added character to my fabric. (At least that's my story.)

Here's what I made:

Cute little orange tulips on an off-white linen. I had planned to have random pink flowers thrown in for a punch of color, but completely forgot. Oops.

Here's what my ladies made:

I'm not sure exactly what I'm making with this great fabric yet, but I have a few ideas!

Check out my new virtual friends:
Kim at Reclaim Prints
Helen at My Inner Thread
Mousy Brown's House
Cheryl at True Story

This is the cute fabric Wendy made!


cheryl.mccann said...

hello amber, just wanted to let you know i received my fabric! thank you so much - and in my favorite color. i am still waiting for one more piece to arrive before i blog about it.

B. said...

No shout out for the brilliant person who came up with the stencil idea?

kim said...

Thanks Amber mine turned up yesterday,love the tulip shape,l'm like Cheryl,waiting for one more sample and l'll blog.

Tiffany said...


I love! Your blog colouring, layout and content! Would love to follow you but I'm new to this and don't know how.. tee hee

You can reach me on my blog http://houserulesandrenovatingblues.blogspot.ca/

Cheers, and congrats on such a great blog!