23 April 2013

Current Must Haves

I've been putting more and more stock into other people's opinions and recommendations lately. That totally goes against my "who cares what other people think" philosophy, but for products and services, it works.

So, it's in that spirit that I share some of my current must haves, things I couldn't live without. (That's really dramatic. I could live without these things, I just don't want to.)

I hate washing my face. Always have. For the days that I just can't summon the energy to do it, I have these. They smell nice, seem to do a good job and aren't super pricey.

Mudpuppy Monsters Flip and Draw

BB got this as a birthday present and we love it! It's silly, interactive, elicits creativity and is just plain fun.

My hair is thin. And fine. And dumb. But this shampoo and conditioner helps it be the best it can be. And it smells nice.

I usually don't like really fine-tip pens - too scratchy - but for some reason, I currently love this. In blue.


I have notebooks all over the place listing books I've read and want to read. This site nicely sums it all up in one easy-to-access place. And there's an app!

What are your current must haves?


B. said...

I love that monster book!

Wrestling Kitties said...

I hardly ever wash my face. I justify it because I don't wear makeup. But I need to get better at it....those look convenient!

That monster book looks awesome!

My must haves are pretty lame. I haven't been focused on myself as much as I should be the last couple years and therefore my must have list has dwindled. I need to refocus on myself!

I will say my current love is the new extra large dutch oven I got for my birthday. I had a 4 or 5 qt one already, but got an even larger one and it is AWESOME. Everyone should have one. I cooked a whole chicken with kale all in one pot and it was fantastic. :)

Wendy said...

I want that monster book!