15 March 2013

I'm not a Thief ... or Materialistic - Really

While I was waiting for our crap of a printer to start up at work a few weeks ago, I stole, er, borrowed HOW Magazine off my coworker's desk. And then took it home. (Don't worry, I brought it back. And left him a note saying I stole it and assuring him it was in good hands.)

Before I got to page 12, I had ordered two things from it! I'm not materialistic (really I'm not), but I HAD to have this poster from the Typography Shop created entirely out of 80s song lyrics:
Buy your own here.

I also had to buy a super sweet state-shaped cutting board as a wedding present:
Buy your own here.

By page 17, I found something else I needed to get! I can't share it yet because it might be for someone who reads this blog. Maybe. Probably. It is.

I'm not a thief, but that little procurement resulted in some awesome purchases, thus, in a way, condoning the thievery.


Ky | TwoPretzels said...

I am unaware of How Magazine, however, thanks to your post I now think it should be a publication I regularly read... er...shop from.


Iris Took said...

The poster is cool ,but I want one in a Star Wars theme.

Love the cutting board! I received a Michigan one for my wedding shower (even though I live in Ohio).