07 February 2013

Decoupage M

Remember a few years ago when I tackled my first decoupage project? What? You don't?

Well, here's the link so you can refresh your memory. Go on. I'll wait.

Shortly after I made that A, I made an M. And forgot all about it until a few weeks ago when I saw it in my friend's bathroom.

One of the nicest compliments you can give me is using or displaying the stuff I make.
(And commenting on how funny I am. I LOVE being told I'm funny.)


Wrestling Kitties said...

My friend, you ARE hilarious and VERY creative! And that is a FACT.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Speaking of creative, how do you do blogger headers? I really want a new one but can't figure it out. I want something updated and fun. Is there a site a go to? I am SO computer DUMB!