04 February 2013

BB's New Clock

Do you remember the super cute clock I made a few months ago? I was so proud of that project:

But I'm more proud of the new clock BB and I made, with help from his dad!, last week:

BB was upset because he couldn't find his clock. A broken Looney Tunes clock from my childhood that *may* have ended up in the garbage. (He doesn't know that yet. It *could* be in the garage.)

So, I told him we could make our own clock!

I peeled the paper off my clock and pulled out some markers (Mr. Sketch!) and we went to town. I offered up stickers, too, but he loved drawing his own clock.

The fish, butterfly and rabbit are my additions. The spider and octopus (10,000 points to whoever finds it first!) are his dad's. Most of the rest is all him!