03 October 2012

A Very Special Happy Birthday Wish

In 2003, I got to be part of something really, really cool. Life-changing you might say. Until last year, it wasn't something I talked about a lot, but those of you who know me or read this blog, know the story. Isn't it a pretty cool story?

When Wendy decided to share the story, I was excited, because I thought it would (and will continue to) help people. And because it's a pretty amazing story, with an amazing ending.

What I realized this year, though, as Wendy's daughters Arlene and Lydia turned 8 (8?!), is that it's not 'over'. Yes, our goal was accomplished, but the story didn't end there. I get to watch these two amazing, smart, funny, kind, beautiful girls grow up. I get to watch Wendy and Mike be awesome parents. I get to see my son get shy and giggle when he sees mommy's goddaughters (who just happen to love him to pieces!).

I was honored when Wendy said she'd accept my eggs. I am honored that I get to be a part of her family. I don't see her or the girls* nearly enough, but that just makes the time we do spend together that much more special.

So, Happy, Happy Birthday, Arlene and Lydia! I cannot believe you are 8! I do, however, believe that you are going to have a really awesome year!

* Mike, too. He always gets left out of my posts, poor guy.


Nadja Brocus said...

You guys are amazing.

Wendy said...

That picture CRACKS ME UP! I want to poke BB in the belly. I can't believe eight years has gone by so quickly. I mean really. Eight years. Pfffft, flew by. We've all had so many great memories, with you included! these past eight years, and there's many many more to come. XOXO