04 September 2012

Kid at Heart

We got back from a fun-filled weekend in Buffalo yesterday and the first thing I had to do (even before unpacking) was try out my new toy - Klutz Window Art!

I didn't go into the toy store (Clayton's, one of my favorites) intending to buy something for myself, but I did! I didn't even pretend like it was a Christmas present; I knew I couldn't wait that long!

(Wow. Klutz should be paying me for this review!)

Anyway, I traced and painted this here submarine and am really excited about how it turned out! There are a lot of fun pictures in the book that comes in the window art set, but I cannot wait to try my own drawings!


Gerry said...

We all live in a yellow submarine!

Wendy said...

Oh the possibilities! Pumpkins! Snowflakes in the winter!!

Iris Took said...


Wrestling Kitties said...

super cute :)