28 August 2012

Pinterest Fail

Seven times out of 10, the cool things I see on Pinterest aren't so cool when I make them. Could be me; could be horrible instructions. Most likely it's that cool pictures don't necessary equal cool stuff. Or something like that.

Case in point. Letter practice thing-a-ma-bobber.

I bought the supplies:

 I followed the instructions (mix hair gel with food coloring in a freezer bag of your choice):

I tried it out:

I had to press and press and press to get my letter to show up. When it did show up, it didn't last long. Too much gel? User error?

Who knows? BB likes it. It's 'squishy'. So who cares that it doesn't exactly work as advertised, right?


Gerry said...

Let's just hope that he doesn't poke a hole in the bag. That could be a mess. Have you tried the cake in a mug(3-2-1 cake I think) A friend did it when she had our lace group over her house and they all said that it was amazing. Unfortunately I missed it. I do have the ingredients we can try this weekend.

Wendy said...

I've failed at most of my pins, too. I think you're on to something - pretty pictures might just be pretty pictures.

Sassytimes said...

Boo! I think some things on Pinterest are there just to make us feel like losers. ;) Or maybe that's just most things I try. Ha!