02 May 2012

Writer's Block

It was brought to my attention today that it's been a month since I last blogged. A month! I don't think that's ever happened to me before. 

I have a few excuses, most of them good, but I kinda don't feel like going into them. Suffice it to say, I've had some really sucky days this year. I'm also in week 6 of a 12-week grad school trimester. 'Nuff said.

Maybe the biggest reason I haven't been blogging, though, is because I don't know what to write about. Writer's block, I have it.

I went to my running list of things to blog about, but none of those ideas interested me. I'd post them and let you all vote, but I kinda don't anticipate anyone voting. (The ideas were that lame.)

So, I think a list is in order. Something to get my creative juices flowing!
  • 'Creative juices' is a really gross phrase.
  • I'm excited to have a garden this year!
  • The Bloggess' book is awesome. Dare I say she's one of the best writers of our time?
  • I love Frankenmuth. And camping. Combining them? Awe.some.
  • I'd really like a pedicure.
  • I quit drinking pop - again. Please pray for me.
  • I need a vacation in the worst way. (Where should I go?)
  • I finally have a dedicated craft space in my house! (Post and pics to come.)
  • We have 13 trees to plant in our yard, but I'm all nervous about it. What if we put them in the wrong spots and want to move them in 3 years? (Kinda like the 3 or 4 trees the previous homeowner planted that we want to move.)
  • I'm doing a craft with BB's class tomorrow! So excited!
  • I'm in a dinner swap and it is really awesome. I should blog about that sometime.
  • I got my nose pierced:
  • I don't like the new Blogger. I hate change. Grr.
The end.

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Sassytimes said...

Welcome back. Ugh, I get the tree thing. We try to buy a few trees each year to plant and every time I get an anxious about it for the same reasons you mention.