23 May 2012

A Post for Ericka

A little over a year and a half ago, one of my closest friends started interning in my office. We needed an intern and she had the right education and was looking for experience: a match made in heaven.

I didn't think about whether it would be awkward to supervise a friend or see someone you've only known in friend settings in a work setting. I didn't think about whether I'd get tired of seeing her. I didn't think about how my reputation would be tarnished if she screwed up (which she did, like 600 times*). I only thought about how the timing and situation was perfect for everyone - win, win, win.

Over the past 18 months, Ericka has done an outstanding job. She did a lot of grunt work, but I think she got to do - and enjoyed doing - a lot of fun, real projects, too. Her portfolio is pretty impressive if you ask me.

Not only did Ericka do a great job, she fit in extremely well. People like her. She likes them. I'm the hero!**

If I have to talk about the downside, it's that I miss her. Odd, since I see her everyday.

We don't party at work (usually), but we do chat and gossip and complain and tease each other (man, she LOVES herself some sad news stories ... and Good Morning, America ... and she's great with details). We just don't ever see each other outside of work anymore. :-(

Part of the reason is that I'm in grad school and I bought a new house last year and my dad is really sick and her daughters are in softball like 8 nights a week, but it's also because I see her every day. It's not that I see her too much, it's just that I don't think 'I should make plans with Ericka this weekend', mostly because I'll see her in a few days.

I think we'll get back on track in a few weeks, though. Ericka's last day is May 31. :-(

I've learned a lot about hiring and working with friends through this. Mainly, you gotta communicate. You gotta find a way to keep it professional. You gotta have fun. But the biggest lesson:

You gotta keep the outside-the-office friendship going.

So, farewell, Ericka. You've been a gigantic help. And I hope you learned a lot. You are great at hanging up posters. And finding bad logos. And managing projects. And dealing with crap. (Not real crap, but work crap.) Oh, and your van comes in really handy.

I'm going to miss you. But not, because I think I'll be seeing you more now that you're leaving. At least I hope so! (I also hope that she still likes me. I can be kind of opinionated and grumpy at work. I am also easily stressed and I tend to take that out on the wrong people from time to time. And here you were thinking I was perfect.)

* Kidding. Kidding.

** Kidding. Kidding.


Wrestling Kitties said...

Awe....sweet post!

My sister has worked at the same place I do since November 2009. I too never thought about what it would be like, I just thought it would be cool to work with my sister!

It has been good and weird....meaning she is an AMAZING worker and I love seeing her every day. But like you, we then don't see each other any more on the weekends. We do hangout one evening a week so she can see Henry....but we don't have to catch up because we already know everything!

She is leaving for Columbus in December and it is bitter sweet. She will for sure be missed at work because she is exceptional at this and I will for sure miss seeing her all the time. But I also hope it will allow us to talk more on the phone and plan special trips to columbus and talk about things OTHER than work and actually talk more like sisters!!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

You know, one of my favorite people is leaving our company on the 31st, too and it makes me sad. Co-workers become our family. That's all there is to, it. (Especially when you start off as friends.)

(I didn't know your Dad was sick. I am very, very sorry to hear that...)