09 May 2012

The Next T-Ball Hall of Famer

Holy Cow! When did my baby become old enough to play T-ball? And how did he learn to stand like that? Someone give me a drink.

I'm kinda freaking out about this whole T-ball thing (in a good way). We asked BB if he wanted to take another class at the Y a few weeks ago and gave him some options (soccer - blech, T-ball, swimming) and he picked T-ball (YAY!). I never thought it would be so ... real. He's learning how to stand and shuffle and scoop the ball. He's learning how to hold the bat and swing. He's learning the names of the bases and positions and various other lingo. It's insane.

I know this is the right way to learn something new and I'm excited he's learning all this stuff, it's just freaking me out (have I said that already?!).

Last night was the 3rd class. The first one went great, aside from BB yelling from the 'field', 'Daddy, mommy, I have to go pee!'. :-) The second class was a little less smooth. BB did OK, aside from yelling from the 'field', 'Daddy, mommy, I'm thirsty!', but he didn't seem to have a lot of fun.

Last night's class might have been the best so far. He's getting the hang of the game, although he gets sad when he doesn't get any ground balls (in the coach's defense, he tried really hard to stop the one ball-hungry kid and give everyone a chance, but there's only so much he can do). Aside from that and BB yelling from the 'field' (are you seeing a theme here?), 'Daddy, mommy, I want a hug and a kiss!', BB really seemed to enjoy the class. I don't want to pressure him, but I'd much rather be a baseball mom (please, please, please) than a soccer mom. :-)


Wendy said...

I, too, would much rather be a baseball mom than a soccer mom!! Lydia is going to play softball this summer!

Gerry said...

Yea! T-ball. Remember the days well. The things that they do on the field are priceless. Wait till he is really playing and has to wear a cup and then decides that he has to pee RIGHT NOW!!!
He looks so damn cute with that glove.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my gosh....seriously, he can't be old enough for this already?!?!

LOVE his stance, he looks like a professional :)