03 May 2012

My Two-fer Necklace

I distinctly remember picking out a Mother's ring for my mom when I was 8 or 9. Even though she couldn't wear jewelry, I think it was one of her favorite possessions. I was always excited about the day I could pick out my own Mother's ring.

But I don't wear jewelry. Hardly ever anyways. I can't wear earrings and most necklaces due to the same allergy that prevented my mom from wearing jewelry. (Her case was worse - she couldn't even wear her wedding ring, and she always had to tuck in her shirt to protect her skin from the button on her jeans. Soooo glad I'm not that bad.)

Anyway, even though I don't wear a lot of jewelry, I've always wanted a charm bracelet. And a Mother's ring. I got the best of both worlds in, get this!, a necklace! Yep. Bracelet + ring = necklace. (I've always been bad at math.)

My Origami Owl necklace (no, I'm not selling them or pimping a seller), is just what I always wanted. The charms are adorable and easily changeable to fit my mood. Since I got my necklace, I've just worn my birthstone charms, but I have two more (a cute little puppy paw for Devo and a bee for BB) to swap in and out and I have about six more on my wish list (including a book and a vintage typewriter!).

Every time I wear my necklace, BB explains the stones to me: "Red is for me, white is for you and pink is for daddy!". Love it!

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