30 May 2012

I'd be that Neighbor

Don't hate me, but I don't love subdivisions. A lot (not all, I know) seem so monotonous and Stepford-wifey to me.

I also need room to run around naked, er, um, be outside (fully clothed) without neighbors 6 feet away.

Anyway, if I ever had to live in a subdivision, I would be the blue house above. I don't know that guy, but I like him. A lot. In a subdivision full of beige and tan and light brown and off-white houses, this guy stands out. His neighbors probably hate him, but I wanna give him a high five.


Sassytimes said...

Love this!!

I cringe at subdivisions too...except for the ones with all sorts of houses. Those are a little better. The cookie cutters...with the little white fences...creepy. ;)

High five blue guy!!

Wrestling Kitties said...



I too want to high five that guy :)

Bet his neighbors hate him!