07 May 2012

I Have a Craft Room! I Have a Craft Room!

One of the things I've always wanted, but never thought I'd actually have, was a dedicated craft space. Somewhere where I could quickly sit down and whip out a few cards or a page or two in a scrapbook. Somewhere where my scissors and brads and ribbon were handy. Somewhere I felt inspired. Well, kids, here it is:

I'm ashamed to say that that represents only a fraction of my craft supplies, but it's the fraction I use the most (the rest are in a closet about 6 feet to the right). This is pretty much the coolest space ever. Ready for a tour?

Top shelf: two things I made (a B out of buttons and BB's handprint) for inspiration, folded cardstock and envelopes, chipboard letters.

Middle shelf: container of adhesives and various other small necessities, Cricut cartridges, a button punch ('cause it's cute), cardstock, scissors and rulers, a pincushion (made by moi), beads, a cool 'A' and Billy, BB and I's hands made by Wendy.

Bottom shelf: Cutters, candle, fabric glue (because I didn't feel like putting it with the rest of my sewing stuff), my Crop-a-Dile, markers, create (which I have plans to fancify) and another piece made by Wendy!

Misc.: A flower I made after seeing a pin on Pinterest (craft fail), ribbons, two 'suncatchers' I made after seeing a pin on Pinterest (blog post to come), 3 fabric-covered corkboards (and now you know what the fabric glue was for) and 3 jars with brads, flowers and buttons.

A photo with the table down and out of the way. (I also wanted to post this photo because it's more in focus than the top one. I don't get it. I wasn't moving, the wall wasn't moving, how's the photo out of focus? More evidence that I need a new camera.)

I haven't made anything here yet, but I have some ideas! Lots of ideas! Good things are going to come out of this space, just you wait and see!


Sassytimes said...

I love this!!

Gerry said...

fantastic Amber! And don't feel assamed that that is only a fraction. You need your stash so that you are ready whenever the creative urge strikes!

Wendy said...

I loooove it! It looks so neat. The perfect space to create. I think I love the jars on the bottom of the bottom shelf the best!

Wrestling Kitties said...

LOVE THIS....and totally envious!

That space looks awesome and I adore how you decorated it!

Have fun getting inspired in your space :)