07 May 2012

Crafty Mom

BB's class has been learning about birds lately (pics here) and since I'm crazy, I thought it'd be fun to do a bird-related activity with his class.

I got all the materials together, mapped out my plan of attack and, with the help of BB's teachers, successfully led 15 kids through the activity! It was fun and messy (and stinky, cheap birdseed is stinky), and definitely something I'd want to do again.

The best part of the day was how BB reacted to it all. He was so proud to have me in his classroom. He told his friends, 'My momma's coming today. She's going to make bird feeders with us.' Once I was there, he kept telling everyone, 'My momma's here. She's going to make bird feeders with us.'

I can't even explain how awesome that was. I must be doing something right!


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Wrestling Kitties said...

Well I got teary reading that....don't know why, I just cry all the time :)

That was sweet and what a fun project!!