07 March 2012

Skirt Before and After

A few years ago, I bought an awesome flowy white skirt online. I mostly wore it around the house or to the store. I was afraid it was too sheer and that I couldn't pull it off (not pull it off like take it off, but pull it off like rock the look).

The other day, in a random burst of creativity, I designed I wanted to dye it brown:

I'm wearing it to work today and have to say, I am a genius! :-)
It's super comfy and me and semi-professional-ish and I've gotten several compliments. Yay!

On a side note, could RIT make their instructions any harder to follow? Geesh.


Sassytimes said...

How fun! Great idea!

I've only used RIT once for a Halloween costume. I was an 80s aerobics instructor and wanted to dye elastic to make a belt. The lady at JoAnn's SWORE to me that you could not dye elastic. I bought it anyway...and you know what? She was WRONG. Ha. I never believe those ladies anymore.

Wendy said...

You're wearing SANDALS! WHOAH! You be crazy. I LOVE this though. LOVE IT. I was shopping the other day and saw a yellowish skirt that looks this exact same style. I was thinking my cowboy boots would be the perfect compliment to that skirt.

Gerry said...

I remember that skirt you wore it one summer when I visited. It looks great in brown. I've always been afraid to try dying anything because I'm afraid that it won't take the color evenly. You did a great job!