26 January 2012

The Book Collector

I don't collect things. I actually don't believe in collecting things. I don't see the point. Mostly, I think it's a waste of space and money. But, to each their own.

That said, I just realized this morning that I collect books. Not so much real ones, because I don't reread books. Ever. But the digital kind. I can't get enough.

They're not taking up valuable physical space and most have been free. (You'd be surprised at the quality of the free Kindle books available on Amazon.) In fact, I've probably only bought 5 books since I got my Kindle.

Right now, I have about 35 books on my Kindle waiting to be read. And access to more just an e-mail away. But I still surfed Amazon's Kindle store this morning, looking for more books. This is an illness, right? I'm addicted to books.

Luckily, I read fast. And I can read anywhere, in the car, while standing in line, while walking. It's a great talent. But, still. Something has to be done about this before it gets out of hand!

P.S. Isn't that Kindle skin great? I totally need it.


B. said...

You don't have a problem.

I like that skin (for you) too.

Wendy said...

Lucky for you you have a book pimp.