05 December 2011


BB loves his dad's tablet. Loves, loves, loves it.
He's very good at finding and playing his games and movies. (It's actually quite scary.)

So when I was skimming the internets Friday night and came across a list of great apps for toddlers or preschoolers, I downloaded a few of them. Most were .99, one was free.

BB's favorite, by far, is My First Puzzles. We downloaded the animal version and he loves it. He's also crazy good at it. It's just challenging enough to keep his attention, but not so challenging that he gets frustrated and quits. It's probably the most perfect app for him right now.

I'm itching to get some of the other puzzles in the series, especially Alphabet and Numbers!

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Gerry said...

It is scary how fast they pick that stuff up. Daid has learned how to access and play the games on my blackberry and kindle. He has watched me play games on msn games and wanted to play. Once I showed him how to get on the site he started playing the games and started surfing the site for other games. He also knows how to get on and use yahoo games.