10 November 2011

You'd Think it Was Christmas Up in Here

I'm currently working on a big, high-profile project for work and it was decided that to do the job right, we were going to rent a fancy camera (in lieu of hiring a fancy photographer, like in years past). I was pretty 'whatever you need' about the whole issue. A camera's a camera, right?


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Our staff photographer said we needed this Nikon D3S. OK. Sure. Fine. Whatever. Get it.

Boy, do I get it now. This thing is a work of art. I don't understand half the buttons on it, but it takes thee most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. Even I can take beautiful pictures with it. It sounds like a machine gun, and it costs more than my first two cars combined, but I love it. Too bad we have to return it in 9 days. If I can get it away from our photographer and designer (both of whom are expressing unnatural, physical attraction for this camera) for two seconds, I'm gonna take some amazing bokeh* shots of my son.

* Bokeh: the coolest looking photo technique around. Some don't like it, but I (and our designer and our creative services manager) love it.


Wendy said...

For a second I thought you got a new camera! But at least you get a play with one for work!

Wendy said...

Up in here, up in here!