21 November 2011

Shameless Pitch

This is Josh Krajcik. He's in the top 9 on X Factor. And he's awesome. And he's friends with some of my friends. He's been at my house. Not my current house, but the house before my last house before my last apartment.

He's been making a go at music for about 15 years (you can see him and my former roommate, Mitch, here on Jimmy Kimmel Live), but this is the real deal: $5 million and a Pepsi commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl. Simon Cowell keeps calling him 'bloody fantastic', which is awesome, but he's earned it. He's the real deal.

Watch. Vote. Go, Josh!

1 comment:

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Omg. I love him. He is SO GOOD. I'd buy his album in a minute.