04 November 2011

Pins and Likes

Now that we're 100% cableless, I've been watching a lot of TV online lately. I love the places that give you the option to 'watch' all the commercials in a row at the beginning of the show so that there are no interruptions during it. Awesome. I hit 'play all' and skim Pinterest and Etsy in a second window while they are playing. Sweet. (Note, a second tab doesn't always work. Sometimes 'they' know you're not watching their ads and stop the video all together. So, if in doubt, use the second window.)

As a result of all that nonsense mentioned above, I've been pinning and liking a lot of things on Pinterest and Etsy lately. Things I've never buy or make or do, but like regardless. (Or irregardless if you have a poor grasp of the English language or are my friend Sarah who says it to be funny.)

So, since I can't muster the energy to write an actual blog post for this 4th day of November (seriously, what is with me?!), but have to post something or face the NaBloPoMo Hall of Shame, here are some things I've pinned or liked lately:

Letterpress camper cards.
Love these. Betcha Wendy does, too.
(P.S. I love a lot of stuff in this shop!)

Swirly Christmas cards.
Seriously thinking about how cool my second tattoo would be if I added some of this prettiness to it.

Felt card holders.
I need to get some felt and start making stuff!

Fingerprint biography.
Make fingerprint, enlarge, write bio on lines. Cool.

Reader girl.
If this girl had red hair, I'd buy her. Maybe I should contact the seller?


Wendy said...

All of that stuff is SO YOU! I love the camper card. And the green swirl card?! Gorgeous.

B. said...

Ha ha I proofread the proofreaders post!