09 November 2011

Roka Blue Cheeseball

I had thee best cheeseball the other day, thanks to Michelle. It reminded me of home. Seriously. I tried to act cool, but I got a little jolt of something when I tasted it. And it wasn't just a jolt of deliciousness.

I learned that the secret ingredient in said cheeseball was Kraft Roka Blue Spread, which is only available around the holidays. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, is going to stand in the way of me making this cheeseball this year. I know it won't taste the same as what I sampled, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I got the Roka Blue. I got the recipe. And I got crackers. Game on!

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Wendy said...

This really doesn't relate to your post, ok, maybe it does ... anywho ... this summer we found this AWESOME garlic and herb cheese dip that we'd just devour with nacho chips. Well Krogers stopped carrying it for some reason! We've been able to find it at a few Krogers (we stalk Krogers if we're out and about) but lately we haven't been able to find it anywhere. It's quite tasty.