02 November 2011

I'm in a Craft Rut

Since Wendy is forcing me to participate in this NaBloPoMo business, I guess I have to write a post today.

That right there? That lack of enthusiasm about sums me up this week. Work is blah. My instructor already gave me a grade for an assignment I didn't do yet, so I'm eh about even doing it*. I have a crop date Friday, which usually means yayskippyheehawwoohoo and all that jazz, but I can't even muster excitement for that.

But, you don't come here to read about my blahness. You come to read about my awesomeness - or because you're bored at work - so I'm going to try my best to make this stop worth your while (if I haven't lost you already).

Like I said above, I have a crop date Friday. I tried to get Wendy to meet me in Lima for dinner and shopping instead, but I don't think she believed I was serious so I'm 'stuck' going to the crop.

I'm not sure what to do at said crop. I'm really not feeling the whole scrapbooking thing right now. I can't lug my sewing machine to the party, although I think sewing is what I'm most interested in right now. I've thought about making Christmas cards, but that seems forced. I want to make an advent calendar, but I'm not sure which direction I want to go yet. I could make birthday invites for Billy since his birthday will be here before I know it, but his likes now might not be his likes in January.

The real root of my problem is my lack of focus, both this week and with crafting in general. Over the years, I've tried it all. Well, not all, but a lot. I scrapbook. I make cards. I stamp. I cross-stitch. I decoupage. I've made soap. I've made candles. I'm getting really good at designing things in InDesign and Illustrator. I want to learn more about sewing. I want to try working with felt. I want to quilt.

Where will it all end?! I wish someone would just tell me, Amber, you're really good at blah, blah, blah, stick to that. But I don't think anyone will. My friends are really nice.

So, here's what I did to prepare for Friday. Warning, it's very methodical. I went through my craft closet and threw things that called to me in a tote. Yep. Methodical. Not sure what I'm making and I'm pretty sure I haven't packed any essentials, like scissors or adhesive, but I will not arrive at the crop empty handed. I might leave empty handed, but I've accepted that. Wish me luck.

* But you know I will.

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Wendy said...

I think you just have a lot of good ideas and maybe don't know where to start? Also, I'm betting you'll find inspiration at your crop date! And, I'm totally down for a craft meet up!!